Abby Gile was born on 2nd June 2000 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is an accomplished American dancer, social media influencer, model, celebrity partner, and entrepreneur. Many people in the country know Abbey as Zach Wilson’s ex-partner.

It is no surprise to say that Abbey Gile is a professional dancer. Also, she is a member of the Accadians Drill Team. Additionally, she has won several dance competitions during her college years. Moreover, she is an established model. This article will share some interesting details about Abbey Gile’s life. Interested in learning more about the young celebrity’s life? Stay tuned until the end. We’ll find out!


Abbey Gile was born to his parents in the United States on 2nd June 2000. Thus, she is 22 years old at the moment. Sources indicate that Abbey is a well-educated woman. As a high school student, she attended Brighton High School.

She then enrolled at Utah Valley University to pursue her higher education. Her talents as a dancer are also impressive. She performed at several college events and functions as well.


Those who have seen Abbey Gile’s pictures probably know how stunning she is. We will share all the details with you here. Various sources estimate Abbey Gile’s height to be 5 ft 8 inches or 172 cm.

Net Worth

Abbey Gile’s professional career is highly successful, as we mentioned earlier. She earns a pretty good living from social media. Consequently, she will be extremely wealthy.

According to sources, Abbey Gile’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. Considering her age and experience, it is indeed a lot. The future holds a lot of promise for her.


Her weight is 58 kg or 128 pounds. She does not have any tattoos on her body. She has hazel-eyed blonde eyes. We will now examine her career and profession in more detail.


There is probably a lot of interest in this section among you. This is the right place to learn about some of the interesting aspects of her life. Abbey Gile’s past relationship with Zach Wilson is one reason for her popularity, as you must have figured out by now.

Zach and Gile were in high school together. Their relationship began in 2017, according to media reports. Despite this, they got separated in January 2022 for personal reasons. Abbey accused in July 2022 that Zach had slept with her mother’s best friend. Currently, Abbey is dating her roommate, Dax Milne. Furthermore, he is a professional football player. There is no doubt that the couple is in love with each other.

A brief overview of Abbey Gile’s career and profession

She is a young and hardworking woman. As you know, Abbey is a professional dancer and social media influencer. Aside from dancing championships, she also took part in other sports. Aside from that, she also works as a model.

Aside from this, Giles and her dance team won first place in the Utah State Class 5A contest in February 2019. She also performed at several seminars and events throughout the year. Due to all these assignments, she is currently swamped with work.

Here are some things you might didn’t know about Abbey Gile

Abbey Gile fans might be interested in learning more about her personal life. Here are all the details we can share with you. Listed below are some of the unknown facts about her life:

  • Her social media platforms earned her a lot of followers.
  • She deactivated her Instagram account in July 2022.
  • Abbey is a huge fan of American singer Beyonce.
  • Family vacations are a favorite pastime of the young celebrity.
  • Abbey’s family is very wealthy, which helped ensure she had a wonderful childhood.
  • She and her family are all-around Christians who are active in their community and attend Church regularly.
  • Likewise, her two parents have lived in the country for many years and are full United States of America citizens.
  • During their relationship, Gile and Zach appeared in various public places.
  • Siblings: Parker Gile (brother) and Kelsey Gile (sister)
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Nickname: Abbey
  • Shoe Size: 6 US
  • Lucky Number: 1

What social media platforms does Abbey Gile use?

Do you enjoy the popular celebrity Abbey Gile’s work? If so, you’re probably searching on social media for her. According to sources, Gile is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can follow her on her social media channels if you’re a fan of hers.

Frequently, she uploads pictures of herself with family and friends. If you’d like to know all the latest updates on her life, you can follow her page.

Abbey Gile’s Family background

Abbey Gile fans might wonder about the details of her private life, right? Here’s the scoop. There are three siblings in the Abbey family, according to reports. Our research revealed that the young celebrity’s father, Dennis P Gile, and mother, Nichole Gile are entrepreneurs.

As a matter of fact, her parents were married on 22nd February 1990. Currently, her father works as a President at Elite Custom Exteriors. She has two siblings, Parker Gile and Kelsey Gile. She enjoys spending time with her family.

Are Abbey Gile and Zach Wilson still dating?

It is hard to ignore Zach Wilson whenever her fans or media discuss her. Zach Wilson and Abbey Gile were reportedly dating until 2021. In January 2022, rumors of a break-up surfaced. After removing each other’s photos from their Instagram accounts, rumors spread that they had broken up. Since they were always posting about each other on their social media pages, it appears that they have broken up.

Although many fans expected the couple to reunite, Zach Wilson was recently spotted with a model during the NFL off-season, which makes it seem unlikely that they will do so. Wilson was seen enjoying a holiday with teammate Braxton Berrios and an unknown blonde model.


Did Abbey Gile delete her Instagram?

After the controversy surrounding her and her ex-boyfriend, Abbey Gile, former high school sweetheart of NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, deleted her official Instagram account.

What does Abbey Gile do?

While at Draper High School, Abbey Gile met Zach Wilson, also from Utah. Her dance group has won accolades, and she is a proficient dancer.

What is the ethnicity of Abbey Gile?

She is Caucasian in ethnicity. As per astrology, she is a Gemini.

Does Abbey Gile has a Tik Tok account?

Yes, she is on Tik Tok by the username @abbeygile. On TikTok, she has uploaded only five videos, and more than 12.5 thousand people follow her.

As a Final Note

In conclusion, we can say that Abbey Gile is one of the most searched names online. The relationship between her and Zach Wilson made her incredibly famous. However, some personal issues led to the breakup. Dax Milne is Gile’s current boyfriend. Our best wishes go out to the couple.

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