Invest in the ultimate family protection dog that will help keep you and your loved ones safe. An elite German Shepherd will always be on the lookout for danger and act as your personal security detail.

Choosing a responsible breeder is key when purchasing any dog, especially a powerful working breed such as the German Shepherd. Ensure that you are dealing with an established kennel that follows strict health standards. Here are trained German Shepherds for sale.

Security & Protection

German Shepherds are obedient, natural herders, and excellent guard dogs. They are highly intelligent and incredibly loyal. They are also a great breed for family pets. and they are naturally protective of their owners and children and will always come to the rescue if needed.

Harrison K-9s selects and trains only the finest European German Shepherds. They train their dogs to be the ultimate family watchdog, personal protection dog, and security K-9 for your home.

Unlike other trainers who use pit bulls and other large breeds, Harrison’s training is based on praise and confidence. Their German Shepherds are bred for superiority, obedience, and temperament.

Located in Normangee, Texas, Heritage Hills Ranch raises World Class German Shepherds for Schutzhund and personal protection work, herding, search and rescue, therapy dogs, seeing eye dogs, and as pets for families with children. Their German Shepherds are raised in a positive environment and have plenty of opportunities to interact with people, other animals, and children.

Family & Pets

German Shepherds have as many as 225 million scent receptors that allow them to gather and store information. This allows them to detect a wide range of scents, including those associated with ovulation and other medical issues.

Elite family protection dogs are innately equipped to be loving with the families they are paired with, yet they remain highly aware of activity around them, including on and around your property and home. This makes them an ideal companion for households with on-the-go activities, but they also make exceptional house pets.

Like any intelligent dog, however, without extensive training and socialization, they can be a handful. Thankfully, their intelligence enables them to learn commands quickly. The obedience and personal protection training programs at Dog Training Elite Chicago will help any German Shepherd become an incredible companion to families.

Obedience & Training

German Shepherds are the best protection dogs on the market because of their obedience, strength, and ability to distinguish friend from foe. However, their superior intelligence can lead to aggressive behavior if they are not properly trained. This is why Harrison K-9 breeds and trains exceptional European German Shepherd personal protection dogs.

Our personal protection dog training focuses on obedience and confidence. Our goal is to train your dog to recognize threats and respond calmly and confidently to them, displaying the courage that is so desirable for a family watchdog and protector.

Von Richardson Elite German Shepherds is a top-rated breeder that offers pedigree German shepherd puppies for sale in Ohio. Their puppies are OFA hip and elbow certified, and they come well-socialized to people of all ages, other dogs, and cats. All of their pups are IPO titled and excel in Schutzhund trials. Their breeding and training methods are second to none. They offer a money-back guarantee on all their puppies for sale.

Health & Wellness

As the most intelligent breed, German Shepherds can be prone to serious health conditions. These include crippling joint diseases, autoimmune diseases, and digestive disorders. Some also have heart and eye problems.

A well-bred German Shepherd should have good overall health and a strong constitution. But genetic conditions can be unpredictable and sometimes even unforeseen.

Sadly, a number of people acquire a German Shepherd without doing their research and end up with an unhealthy dog. Azeki is an example: he was rescued from the kill list and found with skin over bones, malnourished and scared.

Ritterhund K9s are committed to breeding stable, sound dogs. They focus on traits like courage, trainability, and loyalty to ensure that their German Shepherd puppies meet high standards. Located in Nevada, Texas (a half hour outside of Dallas), they raise their pups in large fenced areas and give them positive human contact as early as possible to ensure excellent socialization skills.


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