Qiyi Mofange have a few flagship products that have been well-known to the cubing community such as the X-Man Tornado V3. This puzzle has broken records with Mats Valk and is easily recognisable.

It is a feature-packed cube with extra performance at an affordable price. It is a perfect choice for novice cubers looking to climb the rankings.


QiYi’s flagship 3×3 is known for its breathtaking turning and in-depth customization system. It’s fast, controllable and has incredible fault-tolerant performance. This version introduces core magnets and maglev technology to the Tornado line. This greatly improves stability and the magnetic feel of the cube.

It has a wide range of settings, and it’s quite stable with a tight tension and stiff springs. However, if you over-tighten the springs, the cube will lose shape and have the same problem as the Tengy v2. It’s also not very good at corner cutting, and its slices are a bit blockier than I prefer for Roux solving.

If you can avoid the problems with tight springs, this is a great cube for all levels of solvers. It’s the best flagship in 2023.


Although it doesn’t have the snappy feel that many other cubes on the market (including the current beasts like Gan12, Tornado 3, and WRM21purplev) this is a very fast and forgiving cube. It’s also very magnetic, with a strong click and lots of power to turn. If Yusheng Du participated in the design and fine-tuning of this cube, kudos to him (although I think it’s just an unnamed engineer).

On the downside, out of the box it feels too tight and has the same shape-morphing issues as Dayan Tengy V2 (it loses its cube shape faster than I can keep track of during the holidays). It also has the same issue as Gan 13 with the auto-align feature on lower tensions and high speed settings, which is not good.


The xman cube is fast and a lot of fun to solve, it feels solid and has the same effortless stiff turning that many people love in the first Tengyun and Gan12. It’s also very forgiving of overshoots. The cube’s only issue is that on slower tensions and high speed settings it can overturn a bit if you’re not careful.

Corner cutting is very good but not quite at the level of other flagship cubes (e.g., the Gan 13). The cube squeaks a bit and is a little loud. If you can afford it, this is a great cube to have. Just remember that it’s about twice the price of most GAN flagship cubes and nearing FIVE times the price of most other smart cubes.


This is a great cube for both roux and CFOP solvers. It has the buttery feel of the older Moyu cubes, and it’s stable enough to allow you to get into a solving flow that would be difficult on a lot of other cubes. It also has good slices and a small size that makes it great for one-handed solving.

The xman Tornado V2 M is Qiyi’s flagship 3×3 speedcube that has been used by many top solvers to set world and continental records. It has a robust adjustment system that allows you to customize 125 different settings.

However, the Tornado V2 M has a slight issue with clackiness. The magnetic clicks can be quite audible, especially on a low tension setting. This can be a problem for some cubers.


If you’re looking for a cube that feels great and is incredibly fast then look no further. This 7×7 from yj is the best value on the market right now. It has an excellent feel to all layers with a buttery quiet sound. It’s also very stable and not prone to popups or catching.

X-Man Design is a brand new company by Qiyi Mofangge. They have designed a range of WCA puzzles that are already taking the world by storm. Their flagship product, the Tornado V3, has been used by several people to break records around the world. It has many advantages over other big cubes such as a very good feel, a very high speed and corner cutting that’s very similar to a MoYu Aoshi. However, it’s more prone to popping than some other cubes so be careful when tensioning it.


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