When it comes to traffic calming measures, both speed bumps and speed humps are widely used to enhance road safety by controlling vehicle speeds. While they serve similar purposes, there are distinct differences between the two that make them suitable for different environments and applications. This article explores these differences and helps you understand which option might be best for your specific needs.

What Are Speed Bumps?

Speed bumps are raised devices placed across the width of a road or parking lot to slow down vehicles. They are typically 3 to 4 inches high and about 1 to 3 feet in width. Speed bumps create a noticeable jolt when driven over, effectively reducing vehicle speeds to around 5-10 mph.

Applications of Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are ideal for areas where very low speeds are desired, such as:

  • Parking lots
  • Driveways
  • Private roads
  • Residential areas with low traffic volume

The primary purpose of speed bumps is to ensure vehicles slow down significantly, enhancing the safety of pedestrians and parked vehicles.

What Are Speed Humps?

Speed humps, on the other hand, are broader and less aggressive than speed bumps. They are usually 10 to 14 feet in width and 3 to 4 inches high, providing a gentler rise and fall. Speed humps are designed to reduce vehicle speeds to around 15-20 mph, making them suitable for roads with higher traffic volumes.

Applications of Speed Humps

Speed humps are commonly used in locations where a moderate reduction in speed is needed without causing severe discomfort to drivers, such as:

  • Residential streets
  • School zones
  • Urban areas with pedestrian traffic
  • Low-speed roads

Speed humps provide a smoother ride compared to speed bumps, making them a preferred choice for longer stretches of road where maintaining a consistent but lower speed is necessary.

Key Differences Between Speed Bumps and Speed Humps

  1. Height and Width:
    • Speed Bumps: Higher and narrower, causing a sharper jolt.
    • Speed Humps: Lower and wider, providing a gentler rise and fall.
  2. Impact on Speed:
    • Speed Bumps: Reduce speeds to 5-10 mph.
    • Speed Humps: Reduce speeds to 15-20 mph.
  3. Comfort:
    • Speed Bumps: More jarring, suitable for areas where very low speeds are essential.
    • Speed Humps: Smoother, suitable for roads where moderate speeds are acceptable.
  4. Application Areas:
    • Speed Bumps: Best for parking lots, driveways, and private roads.
    • Speed Humps: Best for residential streets, school zones, and urban areas.

Choosing the Right Solution with Unimat Traffic

When deciding between speed bumps and speed humps, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your environment. Factors such as desired speed reduction, traffic volume, and driver comfort play crucial roles in this decision. For expert advice and top-quality products, Unimat Traffic is your reliable partner for traffic safety solutions.

Unimat Traffic: Your Reliable Partner for Traffic Safety & Parking Solutions

Contractors, businesses, and municipalities, look no further! Unimat Traffic is your one-stop shop for top-quality speed bumps, parking blocks, and other traffic safety solutions, all at exceptionally competitive prices. We understand the importance of durability, visibility, and affordability for your projects, and that’s exactly what we deliver.

Why Choose Unimat Traffic?

  • Proven Quality: Our products are built to last, using premium materials and rigorous manufacturing processes. You can trust Unimat Traffic for long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance.
  • Extensive Selection: We offer a wide range of speed bumps, speed humps, parking blocks, and other traffic safety products to meet your specific needs and budget. Find the perfect solution for any application, from busy parking lots to quiet residential streets.
  • Competitive Prices: We are committed to offering the best value for your money. Get the quality you need without breaking the bank.
  • Unbeatable Service: Our dedicated team is here to assist you with product selection, installation recommendations, and any other questions you may have. We are committed to your satisfaction.

Products Offered by Unimat Traffic

  • Speed Bumps & Humps: Improve safety and encourage appropriate speeds in various areas. Choose from rubber or recycled plastic options for superior durability.
  • Parking Blocks: Define parking spaces, prevent overruns, and protect property with our sturdy and versatile parking blocks.
  • Wheel Stops: Secure vehicles in designated parking spaces and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Traffic Calming Devices: Create safer environments for pedestrians and cyclists with our wide range of traffic calming solutions.

Ready to get started? Contact Unimat Traffic today to discuss your project needs and request a free quote. We’re confident we can provide the perfect solution at the right price.


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